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You Should Never Eat Raw Lentils. Here's Why
Although rich in nutrients, raw lentils contain lectin — a type of protein that binds to your gut wall, making it very difficult for the human body to digest. When consumed in a large amount, lectin can damage your gut wall with symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea.
However, there are many ways to neutralise lentils and make them safe to eat. Lectin is also sensitive to heat so when cooked properly, the lectin in raw lentils can be easily broken down and made digestible. When it comes to raw lentils, you can put your pot on the stove with some water and let them simmer until tender.
To be on the safe side, soaking your raw lentils first will cause no harm, in fact, soaking them for a little could make them easier to digest. Additionally, it also reduces your cooking time, but whether you soak or not, the next time you’re tempted to eat raw lentils, just go ahead and cook them first.