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You Should Never Order A Baked Potato At Wendy's. Here's Why
While you can order the “healthy” option of a potato at Wendy’s, the employees have shared some unsavory stories about how the potatoes are prepared. While Wendy’s VP Lori Estrada says that the chain uses ovens to prepare potatoes, a former employee warned on Reddit, “If you come during/at the end of a lunch or dinner rush [...] you're getting a microwaved potato."
Another former employee said on Reddit the potatoes at the Wendy's where he worked were "stored on the ground and mopped around every day." Even if you’re not served those potatoes, there’s a good chance you might not be able to order them. Jessica White, the chain’s assistant manager, admitted on Quora, "if you loose [sic] track or you're not paying attention, you will run out."
Another Wendy's employee on the forum agreed that it can be difficult to anticipate how many potatoes will be needed on any given day. “Since [potatoes] take so long to cook, all it takes sometimes is one streak of multi-potato orders to wipe out the whole supply before the new potatoes are done," Eddie lee explained.
Additionally, people have complained that Wendy's also runs out of the toppings of potatoes. Despite listing five different baked potato options: plain, sour cream and chive, cheese, bacon cheese, and chili & cheese, a marketing blogger, Moz — who wanted a bacon cheese potato — was told that her only option was sour cream and chive.