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You Should Never Order Chili At Wendy's. Here's Why
Although Wendy’s takes pride in their yummy Frostys and delicious chili, the latter is the one item that you really shouldn't be ordering, if you care about having safe and hygienic food. The employees at Wendy’s are unhappy about the food and have taken to social media to inform the masses about just how horrible the chili is.
A shift manager at Wendy’s exposed on Reddit that all the chili meat comes from old, hard, and dried-out burgers that had been sitting on the grill for too long and cannot be served under any amount of toppings. The leftover meat pucks are cut up, bagged, and frozen to go into a later batch of chili, something that the manager admitted “just doesn't quite sit right” with them.
According to another employee, the available beans aren’t canned but dried, adding that the chili has to be cooked for about four hours to soften the beans. It’s worth mentioning that raw or undercooked beans can be highly toxic, and while nobody has fallen sick as of yet after eating undercooked beans in Wendy’s chili, it’d be safer if it came from cans.
Regarding the nutritional value, Wendy’s large chili seems decent enough with 330 calories, only 15 gm of fat, and even 22 gm of protein, but it does contain a whopping 1,300 mg sodium, more than half your daily intake. While some customers do find the chili tasty, others think tomato is the only real flavor, and one even called the meat “mealy and almost grainy.”