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You Should Never Put Yogurt In The Freezer. Here's Why
Yogurt is made by heating milk — a process during which the protein structures change, and a flimsy gel forms around the water and fat. When yogurt is frozen, the water inside is drawn away from the gel, causing the structure to collapse and separate, which in turn compromises the taste and texture of the yogurt.
However, yogurts with added pectin and gelatin could actually tend to do better in the freezer. For example, yogurts like Chobani Simply 100 Greek Yogurt have pectin, while the ones like Yoplait's Greek 100 Whips!, Thick and Creamy, and Dannon's Light and Fit Greek Yogurt Mousse have added gelatin.
Added pectin and gelatin act as stabilizers that support the protein network of the yogurt and help maintain its consistency by not letting it separate out. However, just because yogurts with pectin and gelatin have what it takes to embrace the cold, putting them in the freezer doesn't make them healthy.