Whipped cream being made.

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Your Whipped Cream Will Never Be The Same With Just One Instant Ingredient

Whipped cream is simple enough to make, but it can lose its volume quickly, and is a temperamental recipe to put together ahead of time.

To stabilize whipped cream without changing the flavor profile, try this cooking hack that uses a common pantry item that complements the vanilla taste.

When making whipped cream, just add one tablespoon of vanilla instant pudding mix to every cup of heavy cream — the emulsifiers in the pudding mix will act as a stabilizer.

Add cold heavy cream, confectioners sugar, instant vanilla pudding mix, and vanilla extract to a large bowl, making sure to adjust the sweetness as you whip the cream.

Use an electric mixer to whip the mixture for a few minutes on high until stiff peaks form or the whipped cream holds its shape when the beater is inverted.

The sugar and vanilla flavoring in the mix will complement the whipped cream without changing its taste, and the final product can be kept in the refrigerator for several days.