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You've Been Buying The Wrong Butter At Aldi

Aldi’s butter brand, Countryside Creamery, offers a decent selection of both butter and butter spreads for you to choose from. This brand has been a favorite for Aldi regulars; however, there is one Aldi butter brand that is getting quite popular.

Aldi launched its Countryside Creamery Pure Irish Butter in 2018, a creamier butter that contains 82 percent butterfat compared to American butter's 80 percent (via Real Simple). It is also made from cream taken from grass-fed cows and has a more vibrant yellow due to the beta carotene found in Ireland's wild grasses and plants.

Redditors were impressed with Aldi’s Irish butter and said it is more flavorful compared to another Irish butter brand, Kerrygold. One Redditor said, "I would bet that this is Aldi Brand Kilkeely butter just rebranded for the American market ... Kilkeely is Aldi Brand for butter in Ireland."