PHILADELPHIA - JANUARY 30:  Buffalo Wings are stacked up before the competition begins at the 12th Annual Wing Bowl on January 30, 2004 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Over 15,000 fans arrived at 6 a.m. to attend the 12th annual Wing Bowl sponsored by WIP Sports Radio 610. (Photo by Jeff Fusco/Getty Images)

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You've Been De-Boning Chicken Wings Wrong This Whole Time
The best way for deboning cooked chicken wings is by twisting off the wings’ elbow joints. This leaves the ends of the ulna and radius bones sticking out, which can be removed by gently twisting and pulling, leaving you with a section of wings without bones. But deboning raw chicken wings is totally different because you need a sharp paring knife to do it.
However, to debone raw chicken wings, you will have to cut the wing off the drumette with a sharp knife. Set the flat side of the wing down on a cutting board, then cut along the bone horizontally, and then flip the wing over and cut along the bone in the opposite direction, cutting through the fat.
You should then be able to pull out the bone, cutting any last pieces of meat that are still attached, and to remove it from the joint, pull the skin and then twist the bone till it pops out. Once the bone has been removed, you should be able to add a filling and cook it however you want.