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You've Been Storing Milk Wrong Your Entire Life
No kind of milk can stay fresh for long, lasting only for five to 10 days after the expiration date when unopened. Once opened, all types of milk are good for five to seven days, and while you should certainly keep milk refrigerated, there’s one place in the fridge it shouldn’t be kept in.
Although the refrigerator door makes it easy to access your frequently-used items, it is, however, the worst place to store milk. The temperature fluctuates the most at the door, going from below 40 degrees Fahrenheit to room temperature, which causes milk to spoil quicker.
Real Simple suggests storing your milk on the back of a shelf in the lowest part of the fridge, as this tends to be the coldest area. You can also freeze milk and safely thaw it in the fridge — just make sure to pour off a few inches from the original container before, as frozen milk will expand.
If your thawed milk is a little lumpy, give it a whiz in the blender to combine the separated fats. However, if your milk has gone really off, it stinks, or has solidified, throw it away immediately, but if it’s just starting to taste a little bit sour, you can substitute it for buttermilk in baking.