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You've Been Storing Your Aldi Cheese Wrong This Whole Time
Aldi, the grocery chain known for its wide selection of foods at affordable prices, has changed its store-brand cheese packaging from a resealable plastic bag to a tray that claims to be resealable, but is actually rather ineffective and dries out the cheese. Redditors have shared a trusty tip to prevent your Aldi cheese slices from spoiling once you open the package.
Some Aldi shoppers on Reddit call the new cheese packaging “absolute garbage,” and say they had to throw away stale cheese because the new plastic trays let so much air in. Netizens recommend that fellow shoppers take all the cheese out of the packaging as soon as they open it and move the slices to a resealable plastic bag, such as a Zip-Loc.
If you're worried about your cheese slices absorbing any plastic odors from a regular food storage bag, Reddit users recommend using a reusable silicone bag. This way, your cheese will stay fresh and non-moldy once rescued from Aldi's new packaging, and you can also save on waste and avoid an icky plastic scent in your food.