The Big Bad Budget Battle Host Ree Drummond Is Besties With

Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman, has made a career out of offering rich, hearty food, as well as heartwarming stories of her life on a ranch in rural Oklahoma. She's also branched out into various other arenas as well. On her website, she offers advice from the worlds of interior design, fashion, DIY, and even general tips for living, both indoors and out.

One of Drummond's most recent projects is a Food Network show called "Big Bad Budget Battle" which is, as she describes in an Instagram post, a "competition show featuring home cooks, smart shopping, everyday resourcefulness, culinary creativity, on-the-fly dinner decisions, and SO much delicious food!" The aim of the show isn't just the competition, but to show viewers how to shop on a budget, keep costs low, and still whip up some delightful meals.

What Drummond didn't know the show was going to involve was finding a kindred spirit in one of the co-hosts. Between the television lights and loads of low-cost meals, it seems she's found a friend.

Ree Drummond gushes over Damaris Phillips

"This is a Damaris Phillips appreciation post!" The Pioneer Woman exclaimed to her followers from a photo posted to her Instagram account. She goes on to say of Phillips, "Within five minutes of meeting her, I felt like I'd made a lifelong friend. We both love grandma-style plates, food covered in gravy, and clothes trimmed with ruffles. I love her!"

The synchronicity between the two is evident from the image that Drummond put on Instagram. Both are wearing flowing clothes with their beloved ruffles, with hairstyles so similar it's easy to imagine them beside each other in the makeup room chairs, chatting like sisters and swapping recipes.

For those unfamiliar with Damaris Phillips, she is the playful co-host of the shows "Southern & Hungry" and the "The Bobby and Damaris Show." She's known for her southern meals and for finding strange things in thrift stores, posting them to her Instagram account, and asking viewers what they are, which is surprisingly engaging.

More than just a nice post, the fast friendship between these two offers up a little hope for anyone who thinks they're full up on friends. "It's so nice to be at my age and stage in life and still be able to make a sweet new friend," said the exuberant Drummond.