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Reaching more than 25 million monthly readers worldwide, Mashed is a multi-platform publication dedicated to the folks who find the joy in eating as much as those who find the joy in cooking. Since our launch in 2016 by Static Media, we've offered daily coverage of all the buzzworthy news across the grocery and casual dining space, in addition to recipes, practical tips, and reviews.

As one of the fastest-growing food brands on the web, part of our mission here is to make cooking more approachable for people of all skill levels. We won't look at you any differently if you don't know what a mirepoix is, but if you are curious to learn about it, we're happy to give you an introduction. While you're still here, we'll also teach you how to make a delicious, drool-worthy penne alla vodka with five ingredients and give you advice for how to store it for later.

Not in the mood to turn the stove on? Mashed has you covered there as well — from the best and worst foods to order at your favorite restaurants (and which restaurants to avoid entirely), to what today's most popular chefs really have up their sleeves. We also unpack everything happening in food entertainment, offering detailed looks at your favorite competition shows and exclusive interviews with up-and-coming chefs, Food Network stars, and culinary legends.

Our editorial team consists of passionate home cooks, former chefs, cookbook authors, registered dieticians, and more, and we regularly consult experts in the food world to make sure we're passing on first-hand knowledge whenever we can. And while we are certainly an opinionated bunch (don't get us started on the hot dog/sandwich debate), we are allergic to food snobbery in all forms. We approach every topic we cover with the same level of respect, and you can bet we're as serious about writing a roundup of the best Taco Bell items as we are a ranking of chef's knives.

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