The Disturbing Item Reddit Found In A Starbucks Wrap

Unfortunately, our food orders sometimes include extra ingredients, and by extra ingredients, we mean things you probably shouldn't be eating. For example, used Bandaids, needles, and dead mice are among the grossest things people have found in their fast food orders.

Needless to say, Starbucks isn't safe from these unnerving occurrences, either. One Redditor allegedly found chewed gum in a Starbucks protein box, but as nasty as this is, it's arguably not even the worst thing people have found in their Starbucks drinks or food. Others have found cleaning tablets/solution, dead bugs and lizards, blood, wire, plastic shards from a blender, a rag, and rusty nails (via Listverse). Yikes.

Yet another Redditor recently had the unpleasant experience of biting into their Starbucks order, only to discover something they definitely don't want to be eating. Considering what they bit into, they're just lucky they didn't break a tooth while trying to enjoy lunch in their car. 

A Redditor claims they got more than their Starbucks spinach feta wrap

After nearly chipping their tooth on an unknown item in their Starbucks spinach feta wrap, a stunned customer posted about their experience on Reddit. According to their caption, they were especially confused because it "[looked] like a bone" and was found "in a meatless item."

Several Starbucks employees quickly jumped onto the thread to assure the customer that the item wasn't a bone, but instead a spinach stem. The customer was relieved it wasn't a bone, but said they were still "grossed out" and "not happy [they] almost cracked [their] tooth."

Others encouraged the customer to reach out to Starbucks and/or the health department regarding the incident. Still, some Redditors recommended visiting a dentist just to make sure no damage had been done, and if there was damage, to document it and contact Starbucks for reimbursement.

Fellow customers who saw the post were equally disgusted. One person commented, "Nothing worse than eating something soft and mushy and then feeling something hard or crunchy," while another person wrote, "Nasty AF." Several others swore off ordering from the Starbucks breakfast menu for a while, and we really can't blame them.