Why Reddit Is In A Tizzy About Costco's Wine Advent Calendar

Costco does many things right. Perhaps it's the fact that they have just about everything you could ever need at discount prices or the fact they sell in bulk. Maybe it's the Kirkland Signature products or the amazingly cheap food court, and let's not forget the free samples. We get it, people love Costco. 

One of the items that people are impressed by is the range of alcohol and wine that's available. They're especially fond of wine from countries and regions where you would expect to pay twice as much. Good Cheap Vino named two Spanish wines, the 2019 Ramon Do Casar Ribeiro White and the 2018 Ritme Cellar Red Priorat as examples of quality wine at bargain prices.

It may seem early — especially with Halloween not even close to over and done with — but Costco's Wine Advent Calendar found its way into stores, according to the Costco Wine Blog. At $99.99, the advent calendar features 24 375ml-sized bottles of wine that hail from places such as Italy, Hungary, and South Africa. But some Costco shoppers seem less than impressed with the selection, even if the advent calendar does have Italian Chardonnay or Georgian Red. They took to Reddit to express their outrage over the calendar. 

Reddit was unimpressed

A post to Reddit regarding the Costco Wine Advent Calendar wine received mixed reviews. Several people pointed out that it was several months away from December. But as one user noted, supplies are limited: "They'll run through their stock before next Sunday and that'll be it for the season." Still, other Redditors took issue with the quality of the wines. 

As one user eloquently put it, "The quality of those wines suck, and honestly, Costco should be ashamed to sell them." Another replied that they had tried it last year and "found one wine out of the 25 that [they] would buy again." One Redditor suggested spending the $99.99 on Costco's other selection of wine, suggesting they're a better-quality product. 

But not everyone hated the advent calendar. For instance, one Redditor was surprised by "all the hate it's getting" since they enjoyed the 2021 selection. Though many Redditors feel the advent calendar isn't worth the price, Buzzfeed found the wines were good value at around $4 per bottle in its 2020 review. Likewise, one Reddit user agreed with this sentiment, writing, "I don't expect fantastic for $4/bottle but drinkable is great!" Though it has plenty of haters, the advent calendar seems to be a popular staple of the holiday season for Costco shoppers.