Aldi Customers Are In Shambles Over A Major Lunchables Dupe Discount

Remember how exciting it was to head to the school cafeteria when you were a kid? Sitting down and chatting with your buddies about something other than reading, writing, and arithmetic with the promise of going outside to the playground for recess shortly after. Did it get any better? Depending on what you pulled out of your lunchbox, you very well could have struck lunchroom gold. Chips, snack cakes, and PB&J's are just a few of the things you may recall being excited to find when breaking into your afternoon meal, and then, there were the rare occasions when your parents packed you a Lunchable.

Nowadays, you may recognize that the trays of meats, crackers, and cheese are one of the worst foods to add to a school lunch. However, for a kid who absolutely loved them, then finding one of those pre-packaged meals was probably like winning an Oscar and the lottery at the same time. "There's a ritual involved within opening it, and stacking it, and building it," Oscar Mayer's head of marketing Greg Guidotti explained to The Atlantic in 2018 of the Lunchable's appeal.

Given the popularity of charcuterie boards, it's pretty clear that adults still enjoy the basic concept. Therefore, when one Redditor spotted Aldi's version of the lunchtime treat at a major discount, it should come as no surprise they stocked up.

Aldi shoppers think the price of these 'knock-off Lunchables' is 'nice'

Aldi's low prices are one of its claims to fame, but shoppers may have never seen a price tag quite like this before. During a trip to the low-budget grocer, Reddit user u/Federal_Tourist spotted Never Any!, the chain's version of Lunchables. It had a discount so steep that the user just couldn't help but share. "Lucky timing, Aldi's knock off lunchables with a $2 discount (sell by is Oct 10) new price is $0.69," the Redditor said in a post to the Aldi subreddit on September 19. They also included a photo of the kits, which appeared to be the ham and cheese variety that come with crackers and mini chocolate chip cookie bites (via Aldi).

The Aldi find was met with a string of people saying "nice" in the comments section, which, if you attended middle school in the mid-2000s, you'll probably understand why. Others, meanwhile, were a bit more serious with their response. "Great deal. I always find marked down items especially the pita bread which freezes great," u/wsd65 wrote. "I see a charcuterie board in the making," wrote another.

Some inquired about how Aldi's version of Lunchables compared to the real thing, to which the original poster responded that they were "delicious for under a dollar." While we'll take our Reddit friend's word for it, we'd eat just about anything for that price.