TikTok Isn't Impressed By This Taco Bell Chicken Tender Bowl 'Hack'

We all love a good online food hack. But how helpful are these videos actually? Taking a closer look, these viral clips can cause a lot of problems for both the original poster and those who go out and try the alleged "pro tip," the main reason why you shouldn't always trust TikTok food hacks. In one instance, the trend resulted in a fast food employee losing their job, having gone viral for posting a tip for customers to get extra cheap iced tea (via TikTok).

Still, there's something that hooks you about watching a behind-the-scenes video of a restaurant employee exposing the hidden secrets of the kitchen that could land you some free food or, better yet, change the way you eat forever. When it comes to the internet's Taco Bell hacks, from ordering the chain's nachos as a quesadilla to asking for a Cheesy Gordita Crunch with a Dorito Loco taco shell, customers get particularly passionate. That's presumably why so many of them were less than thrilled by one employee's recent recommendation for elevating Taco Bell's chicken tenders.

'Where's the meal?'

Taco Bell employee Caleb Lennon took to TikTok to show the world his latest Taco Bell chicken tender bowl "hack." The only problem? It lacks a lot of luster, as expressed by several commenters. The 11-second video gets right to the point, with Lennon putting a couple of cut-up chicken tenders into a bowl and covering them with nacho cheese, creamy jalapeño sauce, sour cream, and freshly cut jalapeños. While it sounds decently delicious, the end result shows a rather sad-looking bowl with barely enough food in it to cover the bottom. 

"Okay but where's the meal?" said one user. Another commenter called out Lennon for his lack of chicken, stating, "That's more sauce than food." With every creative endeavor, there's always room for improvement, and plenty of TikTokers offered their two cents. "Give me rice and beans as the base then what you put and top with lettuce and tomato," said one user. Sometimes, the best food hacks come with a little help from your friends.