Lil Nas X Just Got His Own Custom M&M's

Lil Nas X may have risen to fame on the coattails of his 2019 hit "Old Town Road," but he's since managed to carve out a more nuanced place in the music world, leaving the digital cave of that TikTok-bred ear worm in his rearview mirror. Since the release of his 2021 single "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)" and its aesthetically Promethean music video, the 23-year-old rapper and singer has stepped into a new role as a gay pop icon. He's even dipped into the food world by making a panini with Gordon Ramsey as a nod to his song of the same name. 

Ahead of his forthcoming album, which he tells Billboard is going to be "something for the girls to get ready and party to," Nas is performing around the world on his Long Live Montero Tour. Amid globe-trotting and dropping a new anthem and music video for "League of Legends" (which came out on September 22, per The Verge), the artist conquered new territory this week with his limited-edition run of Nas-inspired M&M'S.

Candy for a cause

This week, Mars and Lil Nas X unveiled a line of limited-edition M&M'S packs inspired by "their shared mission to bring people together through colorful fun and music" (per PR Newswire). Instead of the signature "M" stamp, the pink, blue, and purple candies feature images curated by Lil Nas X, including a butterfly, hearts, and a stencil of the artist's face (per M&Ms). 

What's more, proceeds from the candy will go toward a good cause. Five dollars from each purchase of the $49.99 packs (each of which contain a 32-ounce box of M&M's) will benefit Sing for Hope, a nonprofit arts organization that brings music programs to people in hospitals, care facilities, schools, refugee camps, transit hubs, and other spaces. The partnership is part of the M&M'S "FUNd", which aims to provide "resources, mentorship, opportunities and financial support in the arts and entertainment space." The limited-edition packs are available online for a limited time only.