This Chucky Doll-Themed Beer Will Live In Your Nightmares

If you're a lover of horror films, beer, and pumpkin-flavored things, boy do we have the beverage for you. Straight out of your nightmares, this limited-time "Chucky" beer features everything you love (or hate, or fear) about Chucky, the murderous doll who first appeared in the 1988 film, "Child's Play." Ever since Chucky first started haunting our dreams, he's become a staple Halloween character, right up there with Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers in terms of spook factor. Both Freddy and Myers have their own beers, so why not let the killer doll join the party?

The Chucky beer comes just in time for fall, which officially started on September 22, though many of us started embracing pumpkin-filled foods and drinks a lot sooner. It joins Elysian Brewing's lineup of pumpkin beers, which includes the less spooky but still seasonally appropriate Night Owl and Punkuccino pumpkin ales. We can confidently say, though, that the Chucky beer takes the cake for the scariest beer of all this Halloween.

Chucky: A Killer Wit Beer is flavored with pumpkin and cranberry

The new nightmare beer from Elysian Brewing is called Chucky: A Killer Wit Beer, featuring the scary killer doll's face on the label and his iconic weapon of choice: a knife. The presentation of the beer alone leaves drinkers scared from the start. 

Elysian Brewing collaborated with USA Network & SYFY on the beer to help promote not only the eight films featuring the haunted doll, but also the "Chucky" television series' Season 2 premiere on October 5. The witbier is flavored with cranberry juice and pumpkin puree, and the Elysian website describes it as "light in color with spine-chilling flavors of chamomile and cinnamon — the perfect combination of everything you love about the season."

The limited-time beer already has reviews on Untappd, and many are raving about the libation of nightmares. Most people wrote that the flavor wasn't as overpowering as they expected. "Exact opposite of the intense can. Subtle pumpkin and cranberry." Another reviewer wrote, "Lots of pumpkin spice but not too much. Not over sweet. Honestly pretty good." If you can handle the scariness of Chucky in beer form, you can use Elysian's beer finder to figure out where to buy it near you.