Twitter Is On Board With These 'Thiccles' - Just Not From Subway

Although Subway was once considered a great "healthy" option for eating out, the public's opinion of the chain has changed a lot over the years. Much of this ties back to the fact that Subway's food isn't really what you think it is. The veggies are rarely washed, the tuna isn't even really tuna, and most of Subway's food arrives frozen, not "fresh," as the chain claims.

According to one Reddit user, Subway went further downhill when it increased prices while lowering the quality and quantity of ingredients. Needless to say, this customer — and countless others — were not impressed with the chain's "Refresh" moment.

But despite a fall from the public's graces, Subway is still trying its darndest to stay relevant. Now, what exactly do we mean by that? Well, similarly to how the Wendy's Twitter account is always roasting other fast food chains as part of its marketing strategy, Subway recently posted on Twitter in yet another effort to draw in customers, and while they are loving "thiccles," they aren't loving Subway.

Subway is not feeling the love from Twitter

When Subway tried to use "thicc" in a Tweet, many people were less than impressed. The Twitter post read, "Please do not refer to our new thicker, crispier pickles as "thiccles." Naturally, countless people then used "thiccles" in their comments, with one person going so far as to say, "Would've never thought to do so until you mentioned it. Thanks."

Meanwhile, others lashed out at Subway. One person wrote, "They change everything people like for the worse," while another person said, "I refer to them as sickles because, much like the rest of your food, they make people sick." Yikes.

The comments persisted as another Twitter user asked, "Are they real pickles or are those fake too, like your bread and tuna?" Sorry, Subway, but people still aren't convinced the tuna is real. As for other Twitter users, they simply commented things like "no" or "shut up." Unfortunately, it's quite clear that Subway's attempt to be funny fell flat, and Twitter is over it.