Salad Fails That'll Make You Glad You Ordered A Burger

You think you're doing the right thing by ordering a salad for lunch. "It's so healthy!" you say. "Look at all those veggies!" you proclaim. But, aside from the fact that plenty of salads are actually worse than a Big Mac, they can just be real jerks when it comes to ruining your meal.

And it's not just the #SadDeskLunch phenomenon either — salads can ruin a perfectly good meal at home and in restaurants. Heck, even cars are at risk. Feast your eyes on these unfortunate salad fails, and remember them the next time you're considering a bowl of leafy greens.

When it comes with Post-it notes

Maybe this stack of Post-it notes actually contained a secret message that said, "Stop wasting your money on salads. They ruin EVERYTHING."

When the cheese gets a little too cocky

This Buffalo Wild Wings customer opted to add cheddar to her online salad order, and ended up with this. Maybe they thought this was actually some kind of new bread-free vegetarian sandwich?

When unwanted protein sneaks in

At least you can assume no deadly chemicals were sprayed on your lettuce if this little guy is still cruising around in there.

When it thinks it's soup

I probably like salad dressing more than the next girl, but this is even too much for me. Ranch soup, anyone?

When it comes with Cheetos

Honestly, Cheetos in a salad is the opposite of a fail in my book, but I can see how others would disagree. And for the record, those are Flamin' Hot Cheetos — it is a blazin' hot salad, after all. 

When it looks like this

You really have to wonder what would possess your server to get all the way to the table with this plate and STILL put in down in front of you. I mean, LOOK AT IT. 

When it's just wrong, all wrong

This Subway customer ordered their salad with olives and pickles. They did not feel they had to specify lettuce because they were ORDERING A SALAD. But they got olives and peppers instead, no pickles, no lettuce. Bonus points for the pound of ham and cheese though?

When it forgets to get dressed

This Instagrammer happily said yes when their co-worker offered up her salad. But this person clearly did not get a salad. This person got lettuce. Iceberg lettuce, at that. Do I smell an office prank?

When it's inexplicbly full of screws

I cannot think of a reason in the world why you would ever find a pile of screws and nails at the bottom of your salad, but I would sure like to hear this story. Unfortunately, the Instagrammer offers no explanation, so it remains a mystery. 

When it comes with stickers

On the bright side, if you get the right part of the sticker you'll know if it's organic. 

When it's like a game of Where's Waldo?

This Chili's diner order a Santa Fe chicken salad which was supposed to come with delicious toppings like avocado and tortilla strips. The moral of this story: We don't always get what we want. Thanks for the life lesson, Chili's.

When it looks nothing like the picture

We all know that the juicy burgers with perfectly ripe tomato slices and melty cheese we see in commercials will most definitely not be the same burger we get in the drive-thru. Apparently salads are not immune to this kind of advertising, either. 

When it explodes in your car

This is an epic salad explosion. It's not just on their lap and the seat — it made it all the way up onto the dash board. Pretty impressive, really. 

When it's so fancy it costs as much as your dinner

When you eat at a fancy restaurant, you expect that portions will probably be a little smaller, and that the prices will be a little higher. But you probably would not expect this "rainbow salad," which contains exactly four bell pepper slices, one olive slice and a pile of iceberg, to cost as much as an entree. But according to this Instagrammer, it did. Perhaps the binder clip-lime situation had something to do with the exorbitant cost? 

When it takes Paleo too far

Makes you wonder how many bugs you've eaten, doesn't it?

When it seriously under-delivers

Granted, this is a McDonald's garden salad, but when you consider what they're promising, this is a HUGE disappointment. 

When you can't find the lettuce

Another example of thinking that a salad is the healthier option, only to be served this. 

When it comes with hair that isn't yours

I pull plenty of hair out of my food on a daily basis, but I know that it is mine (or the dog's). When it's a restaurant, like this unfortunate diner, it makes you throw up in your mouth a little. 

When the crunch isn't a crouton

Bugs live in plants. Salads are made up of plants. It's just a fact of life. 

When it gets made from the garbage pile

Someone confused the salad bowl with the compost bin for this taste treat containing four lettuce head ends. 

When it epitomizes #SadDeskLunch

The hashtag has never been more literal or more appropriate.