What Happened To The Bang Shack After Shark Tank?

Reality TV stalwart "Shark Tank" gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their product to a team of investors who, if they like what they see, might offer some money in return for a certain percentage of the company. Even if the sharks don't bite, the appearances often bring plenty of attention to products, boosting sales regardless.

The Bang Shack's founder, Jason Hadley, started the company after preparing some chicken dip for an event back in 2002. From there, he developed two other dips, one vegetarian and one vegan. In total, The Bang Shack offered three dips, and Hadley was hoping he could get his dips into stores after selling them at farmers' markets. He appeared on the show seeking $80,000 for a 20% stake in his company.

Though the sharks end up loving Hadley's dip, they couldn't quite see the vision that he saw in his brand for various reasons. Ultimately, none of the potential investors made a deal with Hadley, sending him home with no extra money — but the appearance did give him quite a bit of publicity. So where is The Bang Shack now?

The Bang Shack now has a restaurant

The Bang Shack is still in business, though it hasn't grown in the way Hadley had imagined it might. According to the product's website, it's still available at The Yellow Green Farmers' Market in Hollywood, Florida, which runs all day on weekends.

In addition to appearing at local farmers' markets, The Bang Shack also has a brick-and-mortar location, which not only serves the dip but also has a food menu, with breakfast and lunch options like the breakfast bang burrito and shrimp bang pasta. The website also touts the happy hour specials as well as the various game nights and event nights it hosts. The Bang Shack's chicken, vegetarian, and vegan dips are all for sale on the site, as well as limited merchandise like T-shirts.

The Bang Shack does have a decent online presence, in addition to its website. The restaurant and brand's Instagram account has around 3,500 followers, while its Facebook page has 2,700 likes and 2,800 followers.

It doesn't appear that The Bang Shack is sold in stores

When Jason Hadley appeared on the show, he sought additional money to be able to put his chicken dip in stores. After investigating on the internet as well as The Bang Shack's website, it doesn't look like the chicken dip has made it to the grocery store space the way Hadley had envisioned. However, that doesn't necessarily mean Hadley hasn't found success with his product. He revealed in his "Shark Tank" presentation that he'd sold $53,000 worth of product in 2017 by selling exclusively at the farmers' market.

Fast forward several years, and he ultimately earned enough money to open a restaurant, and now also sells his dips online as well as at the market, as the company's website confirms.Hadley's sales are unknown, but he has clearly been able to build the brand to some degree without the help of a "Shark Tank" investor.