Twitter Is Bowing Down To A GBBO Bread Week Throwback Favorite

Season 13 of "The Great British Bake Off" is off to a terrific start. With Cake Week and Biscuit Week already completed, and two all-star bakers named, fans of GBBO were ecstatic over the Bread Week episode that premiered on Tuesday night in the U.K. Friday, American fans will be able to see all the chaos and possible handshakes from the episode on Netflix.

With every Bread Week on GBBO comes the fear of failure and criticism from Paul Hollywood, the judge known for his talent in bread making, and therefore his pickiness when it comes to the perfect loaf. With Bread Week being one of the most stressful weeks of the competition, some contestants have cracked under the stress of it all (via The Telegraph). As fans are watching this week's competition, they are reminiscing about some of the best Bread Week throwbacks — and one specific creation that has Twitter in awe.

Remembering Cecil the Lion

There's one specific "The Great British Bake Off" showstopper that comes to mind when we think of the show's Bread Week competition. If you don't remember, let us remind you of Cecil the Lion, a bread sculpture created by GBBO contestant Paul Jagger in Season 6 Episode 3. The sculpture, made of three different types of bread and containing several wild details, took bakers, judges, hosts, and fans by surprise. Although it didn't get a Hollywood handshake, nor did Jagger receive the title of star baker, he did receive a special commendation for the final creation (via

Cecil the Lion is still remembered to this day by fans. On Twitter, fans resurrected the Bread Week sculpture that first appeared in 2015. GBBO's official Twitter retweeted a fan who posted a photo of the creation, writing, "NEVER FORGET." Commenters appreciated the walk down memory lane, with one person writing, "I've not seen anything top that yet. Not sure if anyone can to be honest!" It's safe to say that Cecil will go down in "The Great British Bake Off" history as one of the best creations — and fans will never forget it.