Trader Joe's Fans Have Some Big Problems With Its Gluten-Free Pumpkin Muffins

Each year in the United States the month of October is synonymous with perhaps the most well-known of all winter squashes: the pumpkin. Healthline says although it's technically a fruit because the seeds are inside, it's more comparable to many vegetables like cucumbers when it comes to the nutrition it provides. Some of Americans' diverse uses of pumpkins during October bear interesting anecdotes, like how the practice of carving pumpkins stems from an ancient Irish legend according to History. Others, like following a pumpkin bread recipe, are more conventional.

For people who need to avoid consuming gluten, however, enjoying seasonal treats like pumpkin bread can often be problematic. While Gluten-Free Palate confirms that pumpkin itself doesn't contain any gluten, it's other ingredients like wheat flour that can make such items off-limits for people with Celiac disease or similar conditions. Fortunately, there are some pumpkin products made just for such people, like Trader Joe's gluten-free pumpkin muffins.

However, despite how these muffins cater to their dietary needs and the season, some Trader Joe's shoppers appear to be less than thrilled with them.

Complaints piling up about Trader Joe's gluten-free pumpkin muffins

Traderjoeslist on Instagram posted a photo of a carton of Trader Joe's Gluten-Free Pumpkin Streusel Muffins and stated, "It's moist, fluffy, lightly sweet and the pumpkin flavor is so subtle." Commenters didn't necessarily agree with the poster's assessment, however. 

Instagram user dj13a13c stated a common criticism of these muffins, saying, "I found them to be too wet inside- they were a bit too 'liquidy.'" Another commenter, mary_faith_s chimed in with a similar evaluation, "They're good the the top is so mushy." Getting the right mix of dry-to-wet ingredients in baked goods with pumpkin in them can be a challenge, but there are some solutions to keep pumpkin bread from drying out.

Additional criticism of these muffins involves another texture element. Instagram user rachelayyne says, "I love the flavor but I wish the streusel was crunchier but I get that's hard to nail and make gluten free." While rachelayyne gave the muffins a pass on their flavor, k_love_888 disagreed, stating, "I think they're very similar to the cinnamon ones, with a slight pumpkin flavor." Thus, the assessment of the flavor of these muffins is largely a matter of taste. 

A separate review brings up a point that isn't so subjective. Instagram user op_signsandeats says, "why they gotaaaaa put milk in it gluten and dairy free is TOUGH." 

While these muffins might not be for everyone, traderjoeslist's post is proof that some shoppers will make them part of their October festivities.