Why The Name 'Cheez-It' Has Fallen Victim To The Mandela Effect

In case you're not familiar with the Mandela effect, you might want to take a seat. The Mandela effect is a phenomenon "when many different people incorrectly remember the same thing" (via Medical News Today). Snopes continues to outline the causes and effects of the Mandela effect, which is named after the widespread false memory that South African human rights activist Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 1980s, stating "others speculate that these differences between what is real and what we remember as real are instances of 'slippage' between parallel universes." Throughout the years, the Mandela effect has really spooked the world on multiple occasions, including Jif peanut butter, The Berenstain Bears, Febreze, Oscar Mayer, Kit Kats, and more (via Good Housekeeping).

If there's anything to learn from previous Mandela effect victims, it is that nothing or anyone is exempt from it. Even the world's century-old baked cheese snack crackers, Cheez-It.

Cheez-It vs. Cheez-Itz vs. Cheez-Its

In the latest debate in the world we call "reality," apparently the popular cheese cracker has always been called "Cheez-It" as a singular term and never "Cheez-Its" or "Cheez-Itz" like many people are claiming. According to Snopes, the debate has been up for discussion for several years on social media, often with Cheez-It lovers around the world claiming it's yet another Mandela scandal. "I still can't believe its always been Cheez-It and has never actually been Cheez-Itz," said one user on Twitter. "Apparently it's just 'Cheez-It' and not 'Cheez-Itz' my life is a lie," stated another user debating the conspiracy.

While some previous victims of the Mandela effect it's harder to prove what is true, we can easily look back at some earlier photos of Cheez-It boxes to get to the bottom of it. According to the company's website, Cheez-It first launched in 1921 with the logo true as day, "Cheez-It."

What do you think? A glitch in the matrix or a common memory mistake by millions? No matter what, just don't take away any of our beloved Cheez-It flavors, please.