How Taco John's Is Celebrating National Taco Day

It's the most wonderful time of the year. No, it's not the winter holidays. It's National Taco Day Eve. Tomorrow, per Thrillist, the country will celebrate its favorite handheld, customizable Mexican dish with tacos galore, discounts, and much appreciation for this modern version of a meal that has historic roots (per CNET). In fact, the taco dates back to the days before the Europeans arrived in Mexico, National Day Calendar reported.

On National Taco Day, we pay homage to a classic. Whether you prefer a corn or flour tortilla, hard or soft shell, or any variety of fillings, you're encouraged to enjoy a taco on this special occasion.

Of course, you can get creative in your own kitchen — tacos are versatile and can feature many flavors and toppings. From an easy chicken taco to a taco casserole, the possibilities are endless. But, restaurants nationwide will be celebrating as well. The originator of Taco Tuesday has geared up for National Taco Day and is ready to dish out the deals.

Taco John's gives away a Taco Bravo

National Taco Day wouldn't be complete without something delicious from the legendary chain Taco John's. The Wyoming-based company has plenty of experience celebrating tacos. In fact, Taco John's has been known as the inventor of Taco Tuesday since the first one in 1989, according to CNET.

This year, on October 4, Taco John's will celebrate with a special reward for its loyalty members. Participants in the loyalty program will get one free Beef Taco Bravo with their purchase, whether it's placed through the app or in person.

QRS Magazine called the Taco Bravo "the ultimate gamechanger." It dresses up the Taco John's beef taco by wrapping it in a soft flour tortilla that's been smeared with refried beans. It's ordinarily $2.49, per Fast Food Menu Prices. But, if you live in one of the 23 states where Taco John's operates its 400 restaurants, you can get one for free tomorrow.