TikTok Reinvented The Corn Dog In The Best Way

People and their content become popular on TikTok for various reasons — like the TikToker with her questionable corndog reinvention.

TikTok, the world's seventh most popular social media platform, per Oberlo, is a powerful tool in the hands of anyone willing to think out of the box, like one TikToker with their less-than-appetizing recipe. For example, one TikTok user demonstrated watering down ketchup because it has "tons of sugar and lots of red dyes." Surprisingly, despite the unconventional nature of this food hack (to say the least), the clip received over 102,000 likes and 9,202 responses.

More than just a space for ideas and opinions, TikTok is also a successful marketing tool. In 2020 Chipotle launched its Halloween coupon campaign, Boorito, per the Tube Filter. The idea was to get fans to showcase photos of their past (and then, current) Halloween costumes using TikTok's morph effect. A Chipotle representative would then choose six winners who would receive free Chipotle for a year. As a testimony to the sheer potential of Chipotle's TikTok, the program generated 4.2 billion views.

TikTok's corniest corn dog

On this very platform, TikToker averycyrus posted a video of her brainchild, which just happened to be a weiner perforated with raw spaghetti pieces so close together that when she impaled whole kernels onto the said spaghetti, it looked like a complete ear of corn. To conclude the demonstration, the social media user took a massive bite out of it.

Yes, this invention puts the "corn" back into "corn dog," but it's not facetious at all. Many fellow users were concerned for her health. Think of the vertical angles of the hard spindly spaghetti and the health implications of eating raw pasta, per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is basically dough.

One viewer noted the latter and wrote, "I'm all for that. What I'm not okay with, is the angle at which the pasta is pointing when she bites down." Another burning question reflected in the comment thread: "How long did that take?" Irrespective of how long it took to make the corny corn dog, it will need a few modifications before it appears on any cooking shows.