Gordon Ramsay's Own Pizza Restaurant Did The Unthinkable

Pizza lovers seem to be divided into several categories. You have the purists who believe Italian pizza is the one and only true pizza and then you have those who prefer American variations such as the Chicago deep dish or New York style, and the final category is people who love to add unusual things that don't make sense to some such as dessert pizza with chocolate or banana. 

While many chefs are known to experiment with flavors to create amazing dishes, there are some flavor pairings where many draw the line. Gordon Ramsay was trained in classical French technique (via CulinarySchools.org) and tends to have certain ideas of how things should and shouldn't be done. The celebrity chef's reaction videos to TikTok cooking creations have become well known and he has some 34 million followers on the platform. So this latest reaction to a pizza creation at his own restaurant should come as no surprise. 

The sin of pineapple on pizza

In one of Ramsay's latest TikTok videos he watches on as a chef makes a pizza. He seems happy with the process until this ingredient is added. "Pineapple? No, not pineapple! Wait a minute, I recognize that oven. No! That's my restaurant," he cries.

People who responded to Ramsay's TikTok said things like, "In your own restaurant wow, somebody getting fired," and "I agree Chef Ramsey. The whole of Napoli will be collecting their pitch forks and marching to your restaurant after that sin." Others said they liked Hawaiian style pizza with ham and pineapple. Many pizza affecionados think topping their pies with the fruit is a no-go, but a Mashed survey revealed how many people actually love pineapple on pizza.

Yet, while Chef Ramsay may be lamenting the addition of the ham and pineapple concoction at his own restaurant, according to the Street Pizza website, this pizza appears to be a new feature on the menu.