The Adorable Way Tyson Is Celebrating Spooky Season

When you think of celebrating Halloween, probably the first thing that comes to mind is piles and piles of Halloween candy. After all, going door to door and gathering sweet treats from friends and neighbors is a big part of the holiday tradition. According to Visually, the average American will consume a whopping 3.4 pounds of candy on Halloween, with the average child eating up to 7,000 calories of sweet stuff. But while the mere mention of Halloween might send images of Snickers, Candy Corn, and Skittles dancing through your head, the poultry company Tyson Foods aims to change that.

This year, the brand has just announced it will be launching its own savory, spooky Halloween treats. Tyson has decided to celebrate the season with the release of Spooky Nuggets. These limited-edition chicken nuggets are antibiotic-free and made with 100% white meat chicken, delivering the same taste Tyson fans know and love, but now in three different cute and creepy Halloween-themed shapes, according to a press release sent to Mashed. However, you can't buy these nuggets. You only get your hands on a package in a special way.

Tyson fans can enter for a chance to win these spooky nuggets on Instagram

Tyson Food's Spooky Nuggets are available in adorable bat, pumpkin, and ghost shapes. Colleen Hall, the senior director of marketing at Tyson, explained the reason behind the launch as a way "to give people more ways to celebrate the season with new Halloween-inspired shapes," per PR Newswire. However, not everyone will be lucky enough to be able to sink their teeth into these spooky nuggets.

The special edition Spooky Nuggets will not be available for purchase in any store. The only way chicken fans can get their hands on a bat, pumpkin, or ghost-shaped nugget is through the Tyson company's Instagram. Interested fans can enter for a chance to win a bag of their favorite Halloween creature by replying to the Instagram post with the hashtags #TysonSpookyNuggets and #Sweepstakes, along with an emoji of the shape they would most like to try. They must also tag a friend in their post to give them both a chance to taste these scary nuggets. 

The sweepstakes are open from now until October 14. After that date, 250 lucky winners will be selected at random. The Instagram post has already gathered over 2,000 likes in just one day, as well as a massive amount of comments from fans hoping to score a bite of these one-of-a-kind nuggets for themselves and their closest friends.