Sunny Anderson's Problem With Arugula Is So Relatable

Arugula is a popular salad leaf for both its flavor and its appearance. It's known for its bright yet bitter, somewhat peppery flavor, which is why it works well in salads — it provides more taste than something like iceberg lettuce.

Not to mention, it's subjectively one of the prettiest leafy greens. Though it might not stand up against a frisee or a full kale leaf, arugula does add a dainty look to its dishes; in addition to its appearance in salads, you might find it decorating a burrata board or floating on top of a flatbread.

While it's certainly a popular leafy green loaded with health benefits (it's full of calcium and potassium, plus plenty of vitamins, per Healthline), arugula does come with one pesky drawback that other leafy greens don't have: its shape. And, Food Network star Sunny Anderson just called attention to a problem that any arugula lover has likely run into while enjoying the peppery leaf.

Sunny Anderson calls out arugula's biggest flaw

Those who eat arugula have certainly experienced how difficult it can be to properly get the leaves onto a fork. The leaves themselves are thin, and there is a lot of empty space between each leaf's ridges, leaving plenty of room for error.

Sunny Anderson, the star of Food Network's "The Kitchen," is known for her comedic social media content. Anderson recently tweeted about the difficulty of eating arugula, and fans were here for it.

"Adult arugula is so testy and defiant ... Please fold over and get impaled by the tines of my fork and stay there on the short trip to my mouth, please and thank you," part of her tweet read. Someone replied, likening it to "trying to spear a whole cherry tomato," which Anderson agreed with. Others replied with laughing emojis and memes.

Anderson was just saying out loud what we've all been thinking. It might be pretty and tasty, but arugula is certainly not easy to eat.