The McDonald's Restaurant That Pays Tribute To A Music Legend

If you're driving across the United States, you'll probably pass a couple of hundred golden arches that lead you to the front doors of a McDonald's. With over 13,400 locations in the United States alone, you could be in the middle of nowhere and randomly find your burger craving fulfilled with a middle-of-nowhere McDonald's location (via Statista). Even more, the popular fast food chain has placed itself in over 100 countries, often reflecting stark differences in the menu to adhere to each country's cultural tastes. From Mexico's drastic Big Mac meal price, Singapore's unique beverage selection, and France's fancy high-quality sandwiches (and decadent desserts), eating at McDonald's in other countries can be a really cool new culinary experience among your tourist travels.

Of course, when the chain switches up menu items in different countries, you would think the inside of the global chain would keep its branding and feng shui the same. After more investigation, we've found that isn't always the case.

One Bulgaria McDonald's loves Elvis

While we already knew that McDonald's in various countries offer different selections of foods, we didn't know that certain locations can put up their own decorations. According to a tweet from Threatening Music Notation, a McDonald's location in Bulgaria has a whole wall adorned with Elvis Presley memorabilia and photos. As you can see in the above photo, a light blue and salmon pink-colored wall is decorated with a line of Elvis photos, a hung Jack Daniel's guitar, and a line of music with notes to Presley's famous "Love Me Tender" ballad ending with a fancy McDonald's clef to complete the last measure.

While Presley isn't around to talk to us about his love for McDonald's, we have a pretty good idea that he ate there quite regularly as he toured around the world. According to Press Reader, "Elvis liked cheeseburgers" and it was recorded that he and his girlfriend Linda Thompson went out to McDonald's to indulge in the chain's famous Big Mac burgers.

While we don't quite understand why Bulgaria has a love for Elvis in one of its McDonald's locations, we're certainly impressed by the decor.