TikTok Is Furious Over A Taco Bell Employee's Worst Burrito Opinion

Taco Bell fans are serious about their favorite menu items. When the Mexican Pizza was discontinued in 2020 (per ABC7News), fans petitioned for it to be reinstated and according to Taco Bell's response, the petition got "171,735" signatures (via Change.org). Taco Bell addressed the demand and announced the permanent return of the item in September 2022, according to CNBC.

A huge upset for vegetarians and vegans, Taco Bell also removed the Spicy Potato Soft Taco and Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes (per Insider). Amidst "complaints" on social media, it didn't take long for Taco Bell to respond. It restored the items in a matter of months, according to AdAge. The Taco Bell blog assures its audience that vegetarians are no "afterthought" with plenty of meatless offerings on the menu like the Cheese Quesadilla and the Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme which can be modified if you seek healthier vegan versions.

Fans are once again taking to social media to get behind another fan favorite. With only four ingredients, Taco Bell's Bean Burrito is a blank canvas that can be upgraded and customized with sauces and add-ons like black beans and nacho cheese, as suggested on the item's product page on the company website. Fans on TikTok were furious when an apparent Taco Bell employee disparaged it.

The humble bean burrito gets called the worst

According to a Taco Bell manager, the food is handmade with "care," as told to Thrillist. But that wasn't on display in a video calling the bean burrito Taco Bell's worst menu item. In a TikTok post, @Caleb_Lennon, who appears to be a Taco Bell employee, assembles the dish before holding up the final result: a mess. The burrito looks like it exploded. Beans, red sauce, cheese, and onion ended up all over the staffer's glove.

But was it a joke? If so, it apparently wouldn't be the first time @Caleb_Lennon made a Taco Bell post not meant to be taken seriously. In another video, the TikToker knocks a bag of crunchy tacos to the floor before aggressively throwing it at a customer in the drive-thru line. In the comments, @Caleb_Lennon said, "It's a skit." In a different TikTok post alleging that Taco Bell had "new" mashed potatoes, some thought it was bogus or that the employee works at a Taco Bell-slash-KFC restaurant.

Staged or not, TikTok was not having that burrito take. User Kelli claimed, "I've never had [my burrito] look like that... sorry bro. I love the bean burritos." Meaghan Griffin wondered, "Why didn't you wrap it right lol." A seemingly seething Jason Zerby said, "TAKE WHAT YOU SAID BACK," in all capital letters. Meanwhile, Alexander Stapelberg was left feeling "attacked." A series of commenters insisted the bean burrito was "the best" item.