Tupperware Is Now Finally Available At Target

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There are few people around the world who don't know what happens at a Tupperware party. Someone — either you or someone you know — sends out an invite for a get-together, and that party might also include a Tupperware representative who turns up with samples of products to show and talk about (per Delighted Cooking). The durable plastic containers have a fan following, too. The late Queen Elizabeth II was said to have stored her cereal in a Tupperware box, per The Guardian, and select vintage styles are now selling for much, much more than they were worth originally, depending on how well cared for they are (per Cooking Light).

But for the longest time, unless you knew someone that was ready to throw a Tupperware party, or until you discovered you could actually go online to get your food container fix, there was very little you could do to get your hands on this kitchen workhorse. Tupperware items were never sold in stores, until now that is. Tupperware has entered into a deal with Target that will see the product retail both in stores and online. 

Tupperware is looking for new ways to engage with potential customers

In a Linkedin post, Tupperware CEO Miguel Fernandez revealed that the company is now looking to find a new way to reach out to potential clients who might not know about the brand, and it's doing that by selling its branded plastic containers at Target. Fernandez writes, "At Target, brand fans and newcomers alike will find options not only optimized to prevent food waste, but with the expert, timeless design we're known for. I'm proud to lead a company whose standards have never wavered in a long, lasting legacy; a company synonymous with durability and trust; a company committed to continued reinvention."

Target may be Tupperware's first retail partner, but it's not likely to be its last, as Fernandez says the company is looking to form links with other retailers and partners. The company is also looking to build up its digital shopping tools to allow more potential customers to access the brand.

Even as Fernandez says there is a need to reinvent the company, Fast Company named Tupperware as an honoree in its "Brands That Matter" list. The brand is now linked to efforts at cutting back on plastic and food waste, and it's credited with using digital tools to improve its sales reach. It will certainly be interesting to see what new product ideas and sales pitches are in Tupperware's future.