The Worst Hell's Kitchen Judges, According To Reddit

Passing judgment is a complicated thing. Every person has to judge all the time, and yet we're frequently told not to be judgmental. Odyssey discusses how being judgmental isn't necessarily as negative as it seems. We are forced to judge whether it's better to spend our time ziplining in Costa Rica or sunbathing on a beach in Bali. Actually, most of us spend our time judging whether we eat the "good" box of macaroni and cheese or the ramen, but that still requires judgment.

Charles Darwin, Chuckie D to his friends, wrote, "Of all the differences between man and the lower animals, the moral sense or conscience is by far the most important" (via American Academy of Arts & Sciences). Morality is all about judgment. It's deciding what is right, and what is wrong. Every person must do that, which means judgment is wired right into us.

However, not all judgments are created equal. While someone might judge a diet rich in cake batter to be good, the HuffPost says it could contain contaminants, which are generally judged to be bad. We must choose who are good judges with good input, and who are bad judges, eating spoonful after spoonful of cake batter. To do just that, Redditors leapt at the chance to talk about which "Hell's Kitchen" judges are the absolute worst.

Rich kids, fashion designers, and bossy parents top the list of terrible judges

If judgment were given form, it would likely be the Fox television show "Hell's Kitchen." The competitors judge one another, guests judge the food, and Gordon Ramsay judges everyone and everything. In order to complete the Cycle of Judgment, one person went to Reddit so they could judge the judges. They wanted to know which guests who appeared on the show to taste test the food during the special event challenges were the most obnoxious, difficult, and insufferable.

In answering their own question, the original poster wrote, "Mine are any rich kids when they do homecoming or prom." This likely refers to the Prom Planning challenge which took place in Season 8, Episode 5. In this episode, the teams plan a prom for Beverly Hills High School. This tradition is later repeated in the series via the Homecoming Planning Challenge in Season 14, Episode 10. Evidently, this viewer found both sets of judges equally insufferable, but they were far from alone.

Another person chimed in, admitting that their least favorite guest judges were the fashion designers who appeared in Season 10, Episode 6. This elicited a response from the original poster who declared, "They are the reason I made this."

Other notable additions to the list were the judges present during the Quinceañera in Season 11, Episode 10. Another person disliked a mother in Season 4, Episode 6, writing, "The mom just came across as the most bossy, entitled person ever." In both cases, commenters complained that parents were pressuring children and it impacted the outcome of the challenge.