What Shoppers Really Think About The Aldi Pot Roast Kit

Single people get punished. The Daily Mail reports that in the U.K. in 2018 it costs approximately £2,000 more per year, or a little more than $2,200 in U.S. dollars, to be unattached. In the United States, the New York Times noted that the discrepancy was even larger because health insurance for unmarried individuals was markedly more expensive. The Atlantic showed projections that predict it may be more than $1 million more expensive over a lifetime for single people.

Even shopping for food as a single person can be problematic. You can buy a whole turkey or a pot roast, but the likelihood that you'll be able to eat all of it, complete with sides and all the trimmings, is ludicrous. This hits the pocketbook of the single person extremely hard, as they end up buying food that they can't use. Or, they're forced to eat nothing but Stouffer's frozen dinners until the sky falls down.

Well, Aldi is trying to make things a little better for the single folks. In its ongoing quest to provide shoppers with what they need for less money, Aldi is now stocking meals portioned for the maligned single person out there.

Aldi fans are conflicted about the meal kits

While $9 won't take you very far these days, you can still get one of the nicer Subway sandwiches for around that price. You could get a Costco rotisserie chicken 1.8 times, or you could go 2.6 miles in a New York City taxi. If none of those sound like appealing options, then you might want to consider the pot roast kit from Tyson that Reddit claims is appearing on select Aldi shelves.

The official name of this product, according to the Tyson website, is the "Beef Roast with Vegetables Slow Cooker Meal Kit" and it comes with potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, and a roast. The kit has 23 grams of protein, which is about half of the daily requirements for the average person (via Healthline). Though it's touted as being sized for a family, most commenters felt it was better for solo folks.

"I love these as a single gal. I can't make a whole roast for just me, I'd never eat it all!" said one enthusiastic consumer. "I think this size is perfect for one person that is meal-prepping for the week," offered another.

While the sizing might be right for a single person, some said that the quality wasn't good for anyone. "The onion and celery had started to slime. The meat didn't smell good either," warned a helpful person. "I got these a few times and I found them flavorless," advised another disappointed shopper.