The Aldi Sauce That's Turning Heads Over Its Unique Name

When it comes to Aldi, you can almost guarantee you'll find some food products on its shelves that other grocery stores won't have. Since the grocery store chain emphasizes its own private label Specially Selected products, the majority of its food products are specialized for Aldi customers only.

Aside from these, though, Aldi still stocks its shelves with other high-quality food offerings, always wanting to surprise its customers with the latest and greatest snacks, dips, and sweet treats the world has to offer.

With all of these new food products, someone has to make sure they're actually good. According to The Telegraph, Aldi's products actually go through a rigorous taste-testing process to ensure high quality before hitting shelves.

While you may think this helps filter out all of the questionable products, that is not always the case. Sometimes some of the products on its shelves can make you do a double take and scratch your head and question what in the world it even is.

A strangely named sauce

Is anyone up for some B*tchin' Sauce? Believe it or not, this is actually a real thing that you can purchase at an Aldi store. So what exactly is B*tchin' Sauce? Your guess is as good as ours.

According to Reddit, at least two varieties of the dip can be purchased, including Chipotle and Original. After more careful investigation, it seems like it's a kind of almond-based dip.

"Its multi-purpose and the b*tchin' chipotle one is the best. Dip veggies in it, spread it on bread or wraps, add it to a cheese board, dip fries or nuggets into it, etc. It's a bit runny, not thick like hummus in case anyone is wondering about the consistency," commented one Redditor.

"It's almond dip, but does it really matter what it is? It's b*tchin' so buy 10 before they run out," wrote another user.

According to B*tchin' Sauce's website, the dip is completely vegan, gluten-free, and Project Non-GMO Verified. B*tchin' Sauce actually comes in at least eight different flavors, all around $5 to $6. With the slogan "B*tchin' and Saucy," we'd only regret not trying it.