TikTok Went Feral Over Whole Foods' Stylish Limited Edition Bottles

If you shop at Whole Foods, you might care a little bit more about your food and overall health than the average person. The upscale supermarket is known as "America's Healthiest Grocery Store" for a reason due to its commitment to natural and organic food products.

Because of its "healthier" reputation, customers pay more attention to what they put in their carts at the grocery store chain, including water. In a win for helping to combat climate change and the detrimental effects of single-use plastics, the value of the reusable water bottle market has surged to more than 1.3 billion dollars across the United States in 2022 (via Statista). With more people making the switch from plastic water bottles to sustainable, reusable water bottles to carry with them wherever they go, grocery stores are also getting on the bandwagon to offer customers options.

Here's where Whole Foods takes a big win in this sector, stocking its shelves with a variety of reusable water bottles to choose from. As time passes, though, there need to be some changes to re-spark people into purchasing them.

Just in time for the colder season to creep in, Whole Foods stocked its shelves with some really cool limited-edition water bottles that won over customers in all ways.

Fall special edition Hydro Flasks

Just in time for the fall season, shoppers were able to match the changing colors of the leaves with new limited-edition Hydro Flasks. Yeah, that's pretty cute. TikTokers shared the news with videos of finding the new colored water bottles at local Whole Foods around the country.

"POV: You're at Whole Foods & they have special edition hydro flasks," captioned one video. With the video spanning across the shelf, it looks like the new colors included juneberry, taproot, and beach.

Another TikTok video shows a Whole Foods customer at the self-checkout with two of the new limited edition Hydro Flasks before she pans the camera over to see another customer with the exact same two colors.

The excitement doesn't stop there, either. YouTuber Ashley Newbegin posted a video on her profile promoting the new colors as well. "I am obsessed with the new Hydroflask collection at Whole Foods! They are such beautiful neutral colors! I got the brown one," the video captioned. She noted in a comment that the Hydro Flasks sold out quickly.

While these specific colors may no longer be available, Whole Foods still sells a variety of different Hydro Flasks for a little over $40. While this is a hefty price to pay for a water bottle, it would inevitably save you money long-term in comparison to buying disposable water bottles.