The Heavenly Blend Ina Garten Uses For Her Five Cheese Penne

When it comes to cooking, we won't hesitate to take some pointers and tips from Ina Garten. While being completely self-taught, the "Barefoot Contessa" and author has shaped the home cooking scene in more ways than one. Her array of cookbooks has helped people learn how to cook with ease while her Instagram videos deem her a "pantry influencer" and placed her among the number of celebrities using their voice for the good of the people.

While known for a number of signature recipes and dishes, Garten's lemon-and-herb roasted chicken recipe still stands out among the rest. With the easy-to-make dish garnering over 1,400 reviews on Food Network, we do agree with the majority here. As we all know, you really can't go wrong with any of her recipes, especially when it comes to pasta. When we thought we had some of the best penne pasta recipes around, Garten made us question our choices in the kitchen with her signature five cheese penne pasta that we just can't get enough of.

Cheese, cheese and more cheese please

While Ina Garten has shared dozens of pasta recipes with the world, none are quite as scrumptious as her five cheese penne. While other recipes may scratch the bare minimum when it comes to this dish, Garten's adds up to be an incredible blend of cheesy and dreamy goodness. According to Garten's Barefoot Contessa, the recipe calls for a blend of five different cheeses: Pecorino Romano, Italian fontina, Italian Gorgonzola, ricotta cheese, and fresh mozzarella. Because what would penne be without all kinds of delicious, ooey-gooey cheeses?! 

All of the cheeses blend down really well together with the recipe's other ingredients: tomatoes, heavy cream, basil leaves, and butter. Once baked, the dish comes out a beautiful golden color full of hidden enclaves of melted cheese (via Insider). While the dish is indeed savory and rich, it's not overly heavy or overwhelming, making it the perfect dish to bake for your family and friends during the cold winter months.