The DDD Joint With The 'Most-Flavorful' Fried Chicken

The show "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives," sometimes simply called "DDD," is great for helping foodies seek out places to fulfill their cravings. Instead of sending people off to Michelin-rated restaurants, it focuses more on roadside options with amazing flavors that are good alternatives to standard fare like Cracker Barrel. The aim is to provide real food to real people on real budgets. "DDD" has choices for the best restaurants in every state, and the chosen examples feature a huge range of food, from the common to the extremely strange.

One of the best parts of "DDD" is that it not only focuses on a whole eatery but will tell you exactly what items on the menu are worthy of your time. There's no such thing as a place that does everything well, so understanding that the best place for wings might not be where you're going to find the perfect pizza can save you a lot of time and money.

One of the frequent focal points of many "DDD" episodes is fried chicken. There have been numerous chicken joints of various types, from jerk chicken shacks to southern kitchens, all of which have appeared on the show. However, it's possible that Guy Fieri and company have found the hands-down tastiest fried fowl on the map.

Landlocked states have lost the fried chicken war

Going around claiming that you have the "most-flavorful" fried chicken is just asking for a fight. You might as well claim you've got the best deep dish in Chicago, or the best hot chicken in Tennessee. The minute those words are out there, detractors will emerge from the woodwork to tear you down. However, when you are the best, it's nice to be given your gold medal. This is exactly what one Twitter post from the Food Network did for Broke Da Mouth Grindz & Catering.

Hawaii usually only gets named "The Best" on lists involving surfing, volcanos, and sugary fruit on pizza. Yet, it's so much more than that. Hawaiian barbecue is among the most incredible in the world, and it mixes exotic flavors that you won't find anywhere else. It's often a mixture of American cooking styles, with Asian flavors like teriyaki (via PilotOnline). Though the synergy between these two isn't immediately apparent, it sings on the palate.

Food Network's Twitter video shows the recipe for the fried chicken that Broke Da Mouth Grindz & Catering offers to its customers. It includes a load of sugar and soy sauce, black pepper, and enough garlic to kill off the whole Cullen family. Then there's some dried seaweed thrown in the mix. That's given the spicy chili treatment just before the freshly fried chicken goes into the sauce. The outcome left Fieri saying, "That's how you get it done, right there."