Rite Aid Announces Halloween 'Trick-Or-Trivia'

Halloween raises a lot of questions. Perhaps more than any other holiday, Halloween is a data lover's dream-given form. Around the end of the year, we can talk about the best holiday gifts to give, but that's not quite as engaging as considering the best costumes. We can ask questions like, what's the most popular dish served for Christmas dinner around the world, or talk about ways to cook a turkey, but that's not half as good a debate as what is the best candy. For pure information and conflict purposes, Halloween reigns supreme.

In the vein of trivia and data, the pharmacy and department retailer Rite Aid has come up with some facts and figures that threaten to put some of these Halloween-themed debates to bed. No more will Reddit need to fight about why artificial banana is the best candy flavor, or which Cadbury product deserves to wear the crown of victory over all the other chocolate and cream concoctions. It could be said that Rite Aid is trying to ruin the holiday, and everyone's argumentative fun, but even with facts and figures, there's still a lot to fight about. Such as who is still buying candy corn and is it because they hate good things?

Rite Aid drops candy knowledge

BusinessWire reports that Rite Aid called up its forensic candy data team, if it has such a thing, and reviewed last year's Halloween sales information. The aim was to provide more details about shoppers' habits and keep them up to speed about the only holiday dedicated to fear. Except maybe Valentine's Day, but that's a whole other kind of fear. Rite Aid then put out some "Trick-or-Trivia" information to help show people exactly what All Hallows' Eve is about.

Some of the information that Rite Aid discovered in its profit and loss ledger wasn't surprising. For instance, nearly ⅔ of all candy sales are related to some kind of chocolate. This means that those who think fruit candies or gummies are the top treats are deeply in the minority.

There were some shocks associated with this candy finding, however. Among the most beloved chocolate candies purchased, plain M&M's, as well as Milky Way bars, were leading the pack along with Reese's peanut butter pumpkins. This is moderately confusing, considering peanut M&M's and Snickers bars still exist. While it could be argued that people wouldn't buy peanut candy due to allergies, why then would they get peanut butter pumpkin Reese's? So many unanswered questions.

Other fascinating Rite Aid facts include that its shoppers at Rite Aid alone bought six statues of liberty worth of candy in one year, and most Halloween candy was bought within the week before the holiday, suggesting that Rite Aid customers don't plan ahead.