Papa John's Just Released Its First-Ever Jewelry To Celebrate Spooky Season

When you think of pizza or Papa John's, do you think of jewelry? Probably not. But guess what? You can get some specially designed Papa John's jewelry as part of this spooky season promotion and it's completely appropriate for Halloween. 

You may recall last year's commercials for the pizza chain were inspired by the 80s-set Netflix show "Stranger Things." Titled "Jack!," the series of ads feature a babysitter who becomes possessed by a jack-o-lantern style pizza and the day being saved by a delivery driver who hears the calls of "an unsatisfied customer" coming to the rescue with a pizza cutter and garlic sauce. The ad campaign was for their 2021 Halloween deal for their pepperoni pizza, bread sticks, and spicy garlic sauce.

This jewelry, from the company Stranger Bling, is inspired by those commercials. It might be a gimmick but the necklace is not just a cheap plastic toy. Papa John's in the UK collaborated with a jewelry design company to create the piece.

Gothic inspired bling at Papa John's

PR Newswire reports the Papa John's Stranger Bling necklace is an "oxidized 925 sterling silver – a precious metal that is believed to repel vampires and werewolves – and is hinged to replicate the opening and closing of a real sauce pot."  As the commercial for the jewelry demonstrates, you can carry garlic inside of it for repelling vampires and various creatures of the night on Halloween. The jewelry will set you back $115 USD and is available via the designer's website, Black Feather Design, in the UK.

The design company usually specializes in gothic-inspired jewelry and this piece has a similar style. The pendant is just over an inch wide and comes with a 20" chain. The design company says the necklace features another surprise inside — a mini pizza slice charm. Plus, if you'd rather not be walking around with garlic on your person, you can put whatever keepsake you'd like inside. It could be the addition to your Halloween costume that you've been searching for.