The U.S. Burger Chain That Served Actual Kangaroo

When going out to eat, many diners consider the whole point is to order something that you wouldn't make yourself or have access to at home. Living on such a bio-diverse planet, there are endless options when it comes to cooking with a variety of plants and animals. Because of this, what is deemed "normal" to eat in the United States might not be as embraced by people in other countries. With the average American consuming an average of 55 pounds of beef per year (via Sentient Media), there's ample room to swap out your weekly Taco Tuesday beef with some other "nonconventional" meat.

Among these exotic meats, you can find that people around the world embrace the savory flavors of alligator, jellyfish, ostrich, rattlesnake, wild boar, guinea pig, kangaroo, elk, escargot (snails), and more. While you may think you would have to hunt down some of these meats in the U.S., there's actually one popular burger chain that prides itself on bringing exotic meats to its menu.

Fuddrucker's exotic burger lineup

Anyone up for a kangaroo burger? With a name like that, you're either one of the people eager to try it or you'd have to be paid to taste test it. According to Delish, Fuddruckers actually served a kangaroo burger as part of its exotic food lineup at one point. The "Fudd's Exotics" launched in 2010, allowing customers to try a number of meats that otherwise weren't available in most U.S. restaurants. Kangaroo was indeed one of the burgers, as well as kobe, buffalo, elk, and, wait for it, ostrich (via My Aggie Nation).

The addition of kangaroo and ostrich were only available in select locations based on consumer demand. The burger chain stopped serving kangaroo shortly after it launched in 2010. Don't worry though, if you visit a Fuddruckers location today you'll still find an exotic lineup of burgers you can try. The American Kobe Burger, Buffalo Burger, and Elk Burger as still menu mainstays across most of its locations.