Reddit Asks What's Actually Inside Those Giant Bags Of Costco Halloween Candy

Do you ever wonder what you're getting into when you buy those giant bags of mixed candy for Halloween? It's always so enticing to buy something with your favorite candy in it, even if you don't like half the things in the bag. Or, you find a bag that has almost all the candies you love and hit the jackpot. Whatever may be the case, it's always a toss up of which variety packs have the most pieces of candy. You would think there's a chance it's equal in distribution, from Hershey Bars to Kit Kats to Reese's. Whether you're eating the bag yourself or handing it out on Halloween, it's best to know what's in those bags you're picking up.

Since it's a major no-no to give out full-sized candy bars, you, of course, take to the mini ones. Reddit decided to take a deep dive into what the Costco 150-piece bags of candy actually contains. Since the bag doesn't tell you how much of each candy is in a bag, it's hard to know what may be hiding behind the packaging (via Costco). Fear not trick-or-treaters, the internet has discovered what to expect in these mystery candy bags.

A mismatch of candy from Costco bag

The internet has decided to take matters into its own hands and shared breakdowns of what was found in Costco's 150-piece bags of Halloween candy (per Reddit). The bag contains 10 types of an assortment of candy. The charts show all the candies lined up comparing how many of each candy the bag included — and the posts are quite surprising, with a very large contrast between them all.

One post showed a bag with 28 pieces of Snickers and only five pieces of Reese's. The package also had 24 pieces of 100 Grand, which was unlike a lot of other posts with only four or five pieces. One commenter wrote that they won the lottery with this many 100 Grand bars, saying, "I'm now seeing the other posts that show one 1 or 2 100 grand bars, I really did hit the jackpot!"

Another Reddit user wrote that they found 156 pieces in their bag, with Snickers still coming up on top but peanut M&M's in close second. One person wrote, "I think the only somewhat constant one I've seen is the high amount of Snickers. Everything else seems pretty random ... especially the Yorks. Wonder why that is." Another person on Reddit wrote that they got 160 pieces, with the most being York peppermint patties. It's safe to say these bags can be unpredictable but we love that Reddit's charts are giving us an idea of what we are getting into!