The Leslie Jordan Doritos Commercial You May Have Forgotten

You may remember the late Leslie Jordan in his hilarious roles in Will and Grace. More recently, you may know him for his various eccentric characters in American Horror Story, or Call Me Kat, where he played Phil, an employee in a cat café. However, you may not remember when he starred in a Doritos commercial. 

The actor — who once described himself as "a high school cheerleader stuck in a 65-year-old male body" — was on the diminutive side at 4'11", but he more than made up for that in personality. His distinct Southern accent, which he used to his advantage across the majority of his roles, hailed from Memphis, Tennessee, where he resided until the acting bug hit him in the '80s. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue his art. According to IMDB, he wanted to "break into commercials and on-camera work." After training with an acting coach he found himself landing the roles he'd set out to get, including commercials such as Fosters Beer, Coors Beer, and Sizzler in the 80s. After becoming more well-known in the '90s and '00s, he was featured in a Doritos Super Bowl Commercial in 2013, per IMDb.

Leslie Jordan's Super Bowl stardom

According to Forbes, many people watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials. It's why they cost the advertisers a small fortune — $4 million per spot, to be exact. "Commercials are often considered interruptions to the entertainment we love. But Super Bowl ads are different — instead of being intruders, they are like the "must have" guests that keep a party rockin'." Therefore, if you're invited to be part of a Super Bowl commercial, it's a big deal. 

The ad features Leslie Jordan as he turns up to audition for the Doritos commercial. He says, "I don't think I'm right for this commercial. It's all beautiful model types." Taking a bite of a Dorito, he seems to gain confidence, and when asked "Who's next?" he grabs the script from another audition attendee saying, "You won't be needing that! I'm your man!" before waltzing on to the set. As he continues to eat the corn chips, his confidence grows a little more until finally, he disrobes completely, showing his diminutive frame while flexing his muscles. The hilarious ad perfectly shows Jordan's comedic style. He will be sorely missed from our TV screens.