Leslie Jordan's Typically Wry Response To The Hot Dog-Sandwich Debate Is Why He Was A Treasure

The question of whether or not the classic American backyard barbecue dish, the hot dog, is a sandwich has been long-debated. This controversial topic has plagued us for years with many people still disagreeing on an answer. It is two pieces of bread with something in the middle of it, shouldn't that mean it qualifies as a sandwich? Not to be cheesy, but Merriam-Webster defines a sandwich as "two or more pieces of bread or a split roll having a filling in between." To us, that makes it seem like a hot dog would fit under that category, but people can't seem to agree.

Actor Leslie Jordan, who recently died at the age of 67, joined the hot dog sandwich debate when asked during an interview with The Takeout. His response is no surprise for anyone who knew and loved the actor, taking on a whole new outlook on hot dogs in general.

Jordan doesn't even think about hot dogs

The late actor Leslie Jordan was asked if he believes whether a hot dog is a sandwich and his response was pure joy — and confusion. In the interview, his first reaction to the question is "I don't know! Why are you asking me that?! What is that from?!" (per The Takeout). When the question was explained to him, he went on to explain that this wasn't the first time he's been asked this question and it reminds him of a book, "The Jungle," about the 1920's food industry. Because of that book, Jordan can't eat hot dogs.

The "Will & Grace" actor went on to explain, "Someone told me one time ... It's just the butt**** and the lips" (via The Takeout). When asked to explain further what he meant, he couldn't stop laughing and said, "Of the cow! And that's all! And when you chew it, that's what you taste!" And so, he doesn't eat hot dogs (and it seems to be among other things we don't want to know about hot dogs). Known for his bubbly personality and being able to put a smile on everyone's face, there's no surprise that this perplexed nervousness is his response to the hot dog debate (via The New York Times).