Dippin' Dots Spookies 'N Cream Flavor Is Back In Time For Halloween

If you're a fan of spooky season, then your favorite holiday is right around the corner. From the festive black and orange decorations and creative costumes to the scary movies and pumpkin carving parties, there is so much to love about Halloween. The only thing that we love more than the tricks? The treats. Halloween is undeniably the best time of year for candy and chocolate lovers alike. Even if you have surpassed the age of trick or treating on October 31, you are never too old to indulge in a bag of candy (or two) from the grocery store.

If you are out of the loop on the new Halloween candy everyone wants in 2022, you've come to the right place. Pick up a bar of Kit Kat Witch's Brew or Reese's Franken Cups for your holiday chocolate fix and a bag of Haribo Sour Vampire Bats for some fruity gummies. Feeling adventurous? Buy a bag of Skittles Shriekers! This limited edition bag includes "five frightening flavors," with some pieces of candy "so sour they will make your shriek" (via Candy Industry).

But who said Halloween treats had to be limited to candy? Dippin' Dots is celebrating this fall holiday by relaunching its Spookies 'N Cream flavor for the first time in two years (via Chew Boom).

Dippin' Dots is celebrating Halloween with a bunch of spooky recipes

Whether you are spending the eve of Halloween trick-or-treating or curled up on the couch in front of a scary movie, indulging in a sweet treat is mandatory. If you are a fan of Dippin' Dots, this Southern brand is adding to the abundance of sweet treats with its own unique contribution: Spookies 'N Cream flavored Dippin' Dots. According to Chew Boom, this festive flavor will feature vanilla-beaded ice cream that's tinted orange (of course) and Oreo cookie pieces sprinkled throughout. To purchase this product, you can either go to the Dippin' Dots official website or a store near you.

If you can't get enough of Dippin' Dots this fall, make sure to check out the ice cream brand's website. This Kentucky-based company has several unique fall recipes available, including Hocus Pocus Punch, Apple Cider Float, and Spooktacular Sundae. All of their recipes feature Dippin' Dots at the forefront and a few other simple ingredients. Whipping up one of these Halloween recipes could be a great activity to do at a Halloween party with friends or on Halloween eve with your little ones. Not sure which recipe to try? Base your decision around the best Dippin' Dots flavor — here is every Dippin' Dots flavor ranked worst to best