TikTok Slams Wolfgang Puck For His Pasta Bolognese

Name a better comfort food than pasta bolognese; we'll wait. Rich, comforting, and delicious, bolognese is the perfect meal for any occasion, whether you are enjoying a lazy Sunday evening at home or a night out on the town. When prepared properly, the bright freshness of the sauce complements the heaviness of the meat, creating a well-balanced meal that every dinner guest will enjoy. With plenty of substitutes available, including gluten-free pasta and plant-based meat, this meal can be adjusted for almost every dietary restriction.

Another perk of this versatile dish? There are dozens and dozens of bolognese recipes that you can experiment with, from Anne Burrell's bolognese recipe, which takes about four hours to make, to this simpler 30-minute pasta bolognese recipe. If you ever get tired of your tried-and-true Sunday night pasta dish, you can easily mix it up with another available recipe. But before you try Wolfgang Puck's version of this dish, you may want to think twice. TikTok had a few words for the Austrian-American chef's meal and they weren't kind ones.

Followers may not approve of Puck's bolognese, but they like his cookware

In a recent TikTok video, esteemed restauranteur Wolfgang Puck demonstrated how he would whip up a batch of spaghetti bolognese. The chef included ground beef, chopped onion, celery, carrots, tomato sauce, greens, and seasoning to create his sauce before mixing in the pasta and parmesan cheese.

Followers were quick to critique Puck's pasta creation in the comment section. One user wrote, "No red wine? No Tomato Purée? Mamma Mia...," while another commented, "Much respect to Wolfgang Puck, but this is not bolognese." One follower went so far as to boast, "Mine is better."

While Puck may be prepping a bolognese in the TikTok, the purpose of the video is not to teach people how to make pasta. The restaurateur is really showing off his non-stick cookware, which is available for sale on his website. "You can see how easy it is to cook in here, nothing will stick," he demonstrates when cooking his meat. Later, when the sauce simmers, Puck highlights the benefit of having a translucent lid. "You can see what's going on in here, the sauce is simmering, I can smell it, and I can see it," he explains.

Some of Puck's avid fans rushed to his defense in the comments, plugging his cookware. "His cookware is good. I've had a set for over ten years, still great," one user wrote, while another raved, "I have his rice cooker. Wolfgang's products are excellent."