Why You Should Make Ribs In Your Air Fryer

Surely you have heard of the illustrious air fryer and its multipurpose applications. You must have also heard that you can put anything from fries to cake into the air fryer, and this being the case, the idea of using the air-driven device on ribs does not sound far-fetched at all.

When Fred van der Weij invented the air fryer, he did so with an alternative to deep-frying fries in mind. He was not a fan of the copious amounts of oil that went into the traditional method, and thus, he contrived the air fryer, per The New York Times. Its uses far exceed its original purpose and testifying to this, is the fact that it was listed as one of 2010's top five inventions by Internationale Funkausstellung (per Exnovate) and currently enjoys 40% adoption in America, per Forbes.

The perceived health benefits do not hurt the product's popularity, and the fact that the fan and element-driven oven offers faster and simpler cooking, per U.S. News & World Report, makes it especially invaluable in the cooking of ribs.

You may know why you can cook ribs in an air fryer, but here is why you should.

The cooking time for ribs is usually between one and a half hours and two, according to Ree Drummond's cooking and food website, The Pioneer Woman. Unless you have sufficient motivation, time, and energy the hankering for ribs grows strong, so ordering in or dining out starts to seem attractive. These solutions are less than ideal given the current economic climate, per Emerging.

The fact that the air fryer is a solution to the tediousness of rib preparation is not news. Social media was aware of the trick in 2020 already when Reddit user, Airfryerlady, posted her rib recipe on the website. "These are done in only 35 minutes and require only three ingredients," said the enthusiast.

Cook, flip, cook, baste, and then cook for the remainder of the time appears to be the general theme of the air fryer rib recipe, with the total cooking time never exceeding 40 minutes. "These BBQ baby back ribs turned out so crispy and tender that they actually managed to improve on a classic dish," said a similar post on Facebook in 2021. In a nutshell: cooking ribs in an air fryer is faster, easier, and may even boast better results — this is why you should cook your ribs in an air fryer.