Crumbl Cookies Brings Thanksgiving Vibes With New Cornbread Honey Cake Flavor

Halloween is the observance of the moment, but as we get ready to turn the calendar over to a new month, it's only natural that thoughts turn to late fall and Thanksgiving.

Crumbl Cookies, the bakery chain known for its rotating menu, generally waits until the actual week of Thanksgiving to introduce a cornucopia of special flavors. In 2021, those get-them-before-they're-gone flavors included Cranberry White Chip (with Ocean Spray dried cranberries and white chocolate chips), Maple Cinnamon Roll (a sugar cookie with maple syrup and cinnamon roll vibes), Sugar (Candy Corn), a simple sugar cookie topped with vanilla icing and a piece of candy corn, and Pumpkin Pie, a pie crust cookie holding pumpkin pie filling and whipped cream (per Facebook).

Crumbl seems to be stepping in a Thanksgiving direction with its new Cornbread Honey Cake cookie, a new offering the brand is debuting in its lineup for the week of October 31-November 5, which the company announced on Instagram.

Crumbl turns cornbread into a cookie oozing honey sweetness

Crumbl's new Cornbread Honey Cake Cookie isn't lacking for sweetness. Crumbl describes it as a "cornbread and honey delight” (per Instagram), and it sounds like the bee's knees. It spotlights a grainy cornbread cookie which is embellished with honey cream cheese icing, a bit of honey, and, last but not least, a streusel topping made with crumbly cornbread. Did we mention the cookie is served warm? 

"THE CORNBREAD HONEY CAKE LOOKS DELICIOUS!!!,” commented one excited Instagrammer, and we can't blame them.

It should be noted this isn't the first time cornbread has had a moment in Crumbl's weekly menu. The chain introduced its simply-named cornbread cookie in January 2021 (per Instagram), and dubbed it "our most intriguing cookie yet.” That one, also served warm, had a sticky drizzle of honey butter and a scoop of honey buttercream icing in its center.