Aldi's Peppermint Mocha Creamer Is Back For The Holidays

It's pretty common for modern-day shoppers to grab their reusable shopping bags and head out to Aldi for a short list of groceries that includes basics like bread, milk, and eggs. Of course, it almost always begins with a short list, but by the time you make it back to the car, that list is dwarfed by the size of the actual receipt. 

As many shoppers know all too well, it can be easy to fill your cart with more than you intended because the aisles at Aldi are full of unexpected finds. Although you might have planned on a short list, all of the imported chocolate treats, cheeses from around the globe, and even wines (yes wine, in select states) just seem so darn inviting. When you consider the fact that none of these prices will break the bank (per Reader's Digest), it makes it plenty easy to just throw another item into your cart.

And let's not forget the grocery items of seasonal interest. The weather outside isn't frightful yet in many parts of the country, but it's beginning to look a lot like the holiday season at Aldi stores, according to the popular Instagram account Aldi Favorite Finds (@aldifavoritefinds). If you've had your fill of pumpkin spice creamer in your coffee, you might want to change things up for another limited-edition creamer, one with a hint of peppermint and chocolate, that has returned to the refrigerator case while Halloween is still in the air (per Instagram).

Holly jolly peppermint mocha creamer returns to Aldi

Indeed, the retail world certainly seems to rush the seasons, but that's okay, especially if you're a fan of Aldi's seasonal peppermint mocha creamer. Instagrammer Aldi Favorite Finds (@aldifavoritefinds) reports that this almond milk-based creamer is back — for who knows how long (per Instagram).

Fans of the account, which has 295,000 followers, responded mostly excitedly to the news. "Christmas in a cup,” said one Instagrammer. "This is one of my favs also,” added another. "I put it in hot tea, cause I don't drink coffee.” One Instagrammer had a buyer-beware response: "I was so excited about this one and the pumpkin spice as well but they're way too sweet.”Although this creamer didn't make our list of the best and worst foods to buy at Aldi, it certainly has more than a few vocal fans. 

Notably, food blogger Pinch of Yum filled her shopping cart with a bunch of seasonal holiday items at Aldi in 2021 and ranked the Friendly Farms dairy-free peppermint mocha creamer as one of a dozen of her must-haves. "I've been using this stuff every day for the last month and I am INTO it,” Pinch of Yum wrote. "It's very good. It has just the right amount of sweet pepperminty flavor.”