Instagram Is Seriously Shading Whole Foods 'Fresh' Pizzas

Whole Foods isn't one to bypass a number of critics and bad reviews of its food and product offerings. While deemed it remains extremely popular, Whole Foods has had a number of scandals throughout its years of operation. The upscale supermarket is known for its wide array of natural and organic foods, but people have dubbed it "Whole Paycheck" and for very good reasons. In fact, the grocery store chain had to ultimately pay a $500,000 settlement after an investigation led by the Department of Consumer Affairs revealed it was overcharging for pre-packaged foods due to mislabeled weights (via Reuters).

Then there was the whole train of criticism surrounding very questionable high-priced products, including water-infused asparagus spears for $5.99 (via Instagram) and a pre-peeled, plastic-packaged orange also for $5.99 (via Twitter).

Now, even Whole Foods' hot bar pizza isn't exempt from a number of criticisms, even as the grocery chain tries to bring in a new pizza flavor.

Not so fresh pizza

In Whole Foods' latest attempt at offering its customers new unique food offerings, pizza was up for debate. In a new Instagram video posted by Whole Foods, a team member from the store's Yonkers, NY location created a new Chicken & Eggplant Tikka Masala Pizza. While this sounds pretty good, the video didn't really do the new pizza offering justice, showing soggy-looking crust. Of course, customers on Instagram took notice. 

"For it being Whole Foods and the Ivy League Grocery Market they are. That pizza is one of the nastiest pizzas I've ever had," commented one Whole Foods pizza critic. "Isn't this beyond fake? I visit your nomad market almost everyday. The pizzas I've been seeing there look beyond bad. Please!" another customer said. "The pizza at my local Whole Foods is terrible and constantly undercooked. That is IF someone shows up to cook it in the first place," another Whole Foods customer said.

According to a tweet from the grocery store, the new Chicken and Eggplant Tikka Masala Pizza is now available at the hot bar at most Whole Foods locations throughout the United States.

Some people do actually love it though

While the Instagram video of the new "fresh" pizza received quite a bit of backlash and negative reviews, some customers were thrilled to see the new pizza. Positive comments and reactions to the new vegetarian pizza were scattered among the majority of the negative reviews. "Oh I hope this is in Greensboro NC cause I need this in my life," one Whole Foods pizza fan commented. "Omg I live eggplant on Pizza! In Italy I always ordered the melanzane pizza!" another customer said. "Now that's what I call a delicious looking masterpiece," another thrilled pizza lover said.

At least this new pizza creation got some positive reactions. It's still not as a great as Whole Foods' make-your-own matzo pizza inspiration earlier this year that took Instagram by storm. While Whole Foods didn't actually make this a prepared food option and only wanted to give inspiration to an at-home recipe, the Chicken & Eggplant Tikka Masala Pizza will join the store's other pizza options, including Classic Veggie and Cheese (via Whole Foods).