Why You Should Bake Cookies On A Pizza Stone

Nothing quite beats walking into a home and being greeted with the warm, familiar smell of freshly baked cookies. As the holidays start to roll in and the weather gradually turns away from hot, sweltering days to rainy, snowy, and cold evenings, it's the perfect time to master your cookie-making skills. With over 2 billion cookies consumed each year in the United States and approximately half of all the cookies baked in homes being chocolate chip, there are definitely enough cookies to go around (via Cookie Elf).

With all of these cookies to be baked and eaten, you've probably experimented a bit with recipes and techniques. Once we learned these mistakes everyone makes while baking cookies, we never looked back, and hopefully, you didn't either. With endless cookie recipes to try, there's always room for additional tips and tricks to spice up and make the process easier than ever to successfully bake a dozen (or several dozen) cookies for your family and friends.

As the latest new cookie-baking innovation, the pizza stone is here to level up the process even more.

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside

If you're aiming for the perfect consistency of cookies with a crispy bottom and a soft, chewy middle, consider baking your next batch of cookies on your pizza stone. According to Real Simple, you can simply place your cookie dough balls on your pizza stone — making sure you heat the pizza stone up in your oven as the temperature rises — and reduce the baking time of your cookie recipe by three to five minutes. Once they're out of the oven, you'll want to transfer them  to some parchment paper right away to cool down as they might be too soft to cool on a cooling rack without breaking.

If you're wanting to get more creative, you can even make one big cookie pizza on your pizza stone. Instead of individual little cookies, you can place your entire cookie dough spread out on your pizza stone and put it in your oven as it preheats. Once in the oven at your desired temperature, bake for the recommended time, making sure to watch it closely in case you need to shave off or add a couple of minutes (via Taste Of Home).

Cookie bakers on Reddit have taken a liking to the new method. "The bake time typically needs to be increased by a couple minutes, but you'll never burn the bottoms of your cookies. Ever," said one person on a Reddit thread. "Yes it's the best for cookies!" another Redditor commented.